Our Post was asked to conduct the ceremony of dedication for the Veterans Wall

at The Residence at South Windsor Farms Nursing Home.

The ceremony was held on Tuesday March 8. Post 133 honored each of the fifteen veterans

with Certificates of Honor, an American Flag Pin and our thanks for their service.

Joe and Roger

Skip ....

presenting Colors

Pledge of Allegiance

Opening statement by Skip

Joe Della Puca,

The Residence Executive Director

Veterans and ...

residents watched ...

as Roger and Ken ...

folded the American flag ...

that Leigh presented

to Heather Wood

Leigh and Heather Wood,

The Residence Engagement Director

Heather Wood and Skip

Skip ...

and Ron ...

presented ...

flag pins ...

and certificates ...

to the sixteen ...

veteran residents.

Thomas Delnicki,

Mayor of South Windsor

Joe Della Puca and

Mayor Thomas Delnicki,

Ribbon cutting

in front of the wall

Closing words by Leigh

Joe asked for a moment of silence for those who 'never made it back'!

Retirement of the Colors

Certificates and Flag pins were handed out by Ron Fournier and Skip Hammond of Post 133. For the newly built Veterans Wall the Post membership presented an American Flag that had been flown over our Nations Capital Building. The flag was folded during the ceremony by Ken Lewis and Roger Anderson and was presented to Heather Wood, Engagement Director, at The Residence at South Windsor Farms by Leigh Lovering of Post 133.The Color Guard for the American Flag and American Legion Flag was handled by Joe Peppin and Roger Anderson of Post 133. Sid Rabin of Post 133 took many pictures during the ceremony and they can be viewed on the Post 133 web site. Bill Dopirak provided all of the Patriotic and Military music for the ceremony. The non veteran residents of The Residence at South Windsor Farms along with some staff members also attended the ceremony and together numbered about 20. A very nice wall dedication speech aimed at the veterans was given by Joseph Della Puca, Executive Director, of The Residence at South Windsor Farms. Also Thomas Delnicki, Mayor of South Windsor, gave a short speech and presented the veterans with a Proclamation from the Town of South Windsor for the Veterans Wall. Leigh Lovering, Post 133 gave a thank you talk to the veterans for their service from Post 133 membership and promised that we would be back to visit

with them in the future.

The Veterans Wall Ceremony presented by Post 133 went very well and was very much appreciated by the veterans and other residents. This was conveyed to the post by both Joe Della Puca and Heather Wood of The Residence at South Windsor Farms. Againthanks to the sixteen (16) Post 133 members that attended the Veterans Wall Ceremony at The Residence at South Windsor Farms