Post 133 Photos of ...

our South Windsor

Eagle & Gold Scout Presentations:

Troop 880 Eagle Scouts Eric Hofmann & Gregory Morneaulte — Court of Honor on 8/13/17.

L-R: Billee, Skip, Sid, Lee, State Rep.Tom Denicki,

Eagle Scout Eric Hofmann, Eagle Scout Gregory Morneaulte,

Sandy, Ron, Art, Pete, Ken.

On Feburary 21st, 2016 Brian J. Pelletier

of Troop 390 advanced to Eagle Scout,

and 11 Post 133 was there to honor his achivement.

Art and Ron with newly inducted

Alex Biron, of Troop 186

at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor on 12/19/15

Girl Scout Gold Award Ceremony

May 31, 2015 at St. Peter's Episcopal Church

As Gold Award recipients, these three young ladies join an elite group of women.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest achievement in Girl Scouting.

Only the best and brightest attain this ~ the highest award in Girl Scouting.

The recipients from L to R: Emily Rizza, Erin Heneghan and Jennifer Newton.

Post 133 members L to R: Skip, Art, Ken, Roger, Ron and Bill.


Lucia Palladino Gold Award Ceremony —4/2/2016

Back Row:  Bill — Joe — Roger

Seated:  Skip — Bob — Eagle Scout Caleb Bartlett — Art — Ron

May 7th, 2016  

On Friday - June 24, 2016 four Girl Scout Gold Award Achievers

received thier awards at the SW Community Center

Post 133 was present to honor

Jill A. Wilhelm, Addison L. Kimber, Jessica K. Lopes and Amy E. Wilhelm

in achiving the highest honor in Girl Scouts.

A troop 880 Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on 6/26/2016.

Roger, Ken, Ben Dobbs, Jacob Marsalisi, Skip and Art

A troop 390 Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on 8/22/2016.

L to R:  Mayor Tom Delnicki, MOM and DAD, Eagle Scout James Desmond,

Bill D., Sid, Ron, Skip, State Rep. Bill Amen., Ken, Roger, Skip and Leigh

A Troop 186 Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on 8/24/2016.

L - R: Bill, Roger, Skip, Ken, MOM Jennifer, Eagle Scout Devin Clark, Art, DAD Brian, Lee, Ron, Skip, State Rep. Bill Amen and Mayor Tom Delnicki,

Eagle Court of Honor for Ben Ockert, troop 880 on 10/9/16

L-R: Mayor Tom Delnicki, Art, Skip, Ben, Ken and State Rep. Bill Amen

On April 26th, 2015 Michael Gearhart

became Troop 186's 85th Eagle Scout,

and Post 133 was there to honor his achivement

Eagle Court of Honor for Matt Angell of troop 880 on 10/23/16

L-R: Ron, Ken, Tom Denicki, Matt, Art, Bob, Bill Aman

Eagle Court of Honor for Michael Fialkoff

of troop 186 on 12/27/16

Troop 186 Eagle Scout Court of Honor on 12/27/16.

L-R Deputy Mayor Carolyn Mirek, Roger, Ron, Ken, Leigh, Eagle Scout Michael Fialkoff,

Scout Master Randy Olson, Art, Lee and Mayor Tom Denicki. (Date 12/27/16)

Troop 186 Eagle Scout Ben Liebman Court of Honor on 1/7/17.

L-R: Ken, Roger, Art, Skip, Assist. Scout Leader & Knights of Columbus Grand Knight Steve Leslie, Eagle Scout Ben Liebman, Mayor Carolyn Mirek, State Rep. Tom Denicki.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Justin Coralli, Troop 186,

Sunday, March 26th, 2017 at the South Windsor Library.

L to R: Neil, Roger, Skip, Justin, Sid, Lee, Ken, Art, Rep. Tom Delnicki, Mayor Carolyn Mirek

Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Josheph Cortland Howell, Troop 390,

Sunday, June 4th, 2017 at the South Windsor Fire Department Engine Co. 1.

Seated L to R: SW Mayor Carolyn Mirek, Eagle Scout Joe Howell and CT State Rep Tom Delnicki

Standing L to R: Fire Chief Kevin Cooney, Bill, Roger, Skip, Sid, and Art

Troop 390 Eagle Scout Brendan William Elliott — Court of Honor on 7/29/17.

L-R: Bill, State Rep. Tom Denicki, Skip, Eagle Scout Brendan Elliott,

Ken, Mayor Carolyn Mirek, Pete,Roger, Ron.

Troop 880 Eagle Scouts Jackson & Sean Reed — Court of Honor on 1/5/18.

30 of Troop 880's Eagle Scouts attended the swearing in of its two newest members.

Troop 880 has 146 scouts who have attained the rank of EAGLE since forming the troop in 1968.

L-R: Lee, Skip,

State Rep.Tom Denicki, Art,

Eagle Scouts Jackson & Sean Reed,

Bill, Sid, Skip.

A Proud Family

L-R: Luke, grace, Sean, Morgan, Jackson, Kathy, Matthew  Reed,