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Honoring Service American Legion Remembrance Site

The American Legion, the nation’s largest veterans service organization, places a high priority on honoring and remembering those who dedicated their lives to keeping our nation safe. A new American Legion web page is packed with stories, photos and videos, and offers visitors the ability to add their own words and images. The Honor and Remembrance web page is now available at www.legion.org/honor. The page features My Time in Uniform, where you can share your own story, Family Legacy, where you can take pride in a family member’s service, and the Sacred Places Database, a listing of more than 1,200 museums, memorials and cemeteries.

TRICARE for Retirees

The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) was authorized by Congress in 1997 to provide a basic dental program for Uniformed Services retirees and their family members. Further legislation has allowed the program to be enhanced to include more comprehensive coverage.

TRICARE for Life

When TRICARE beneficiaries (other than eligible active duty family members) become entitled to Medicare Part A, on the basis of age or disability/end-stage renal disease and purchase Medicare Part ...  more

     1     TRICARE Retiree Dental Overview

     2     TRICARE Pharmacy for Aging Retirees

     3     Medicare

     4     TRICARE Retiree Dental Program Coverage

     5     TRICARE Vision Benefits

     6     Medicare Part D and TRICARE

Military Retiree News:

     •     Military Retirement Pay: Overview

     •     Manage Your Retirement: Military.com Transition Center

     •     Video: Retired Marine Walks Across America

     •     “Dog Father” Retires from Military Service

     •     Does the Shutdown Affect You?

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5 Tips to Invest Now and Relax Later

It is important to plan for the future today, including knowing how and where you should invest your money to have a comfortable future. The following simple steps can help make your transition and your future more comfortable. Read More

Obama Budget: Increase TRICARE Fees and Cap Pay

Trying once more to get military compensation costs "under control," the Obama administration has asked Congress to cap annual active duty and reserve component pay raises, and to phase in over four years a complex formula for raising TRICARE fees on retirees of all ages and their families. Read More

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Final Navigation Plan lists maintaining the current nuclear-armed

submarine fleet and building a next generation

nuclear submarine as the service's top priority. Read More

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Burn pits have operated widely at military sites in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At this time, research does not show evidence of long-term health problems.

Check here for further information:


And check here for the Open Burn Pit Registry:


Tolling of the Boats  ~  {United States Submarine Losses}

Each month I would like to perpetuate the memory of our shipmateswho gave their lives

in the pursuit of duties while serving their country on board U. S. submarines.

Their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice should be a constant source of motivation

toward greater accomplishments.

U.S. Submarines Lost in the month of June::

USS Herring (SS-233)

Lost on June 1, 1944 with the loss of 80 men near Matsuwa Island. Herring was on her 8th war patrol and was conducting a surface attack when a shore battery spotted her and made 2 direct hits on her conning tower and causing her loss. Before being sunk, she had sank a freighter and a passenger-cargoman. Herring was the only US submarine sunk by a land battery.

USS R-12 (SS-89)

Lost on June 12, 1943 with the loss of 42 men near Key West, FL during a practice torpedo approach. The cause was probably due to flooding through a torpedo tube. The CO and 2 other men on the bridge survived, as did 18 crew members on liberty at the time of the accident.

USS Golet (SS-361)

Lost on June 14, 1944 with the loss of 82 men. On her 2nd war patrol, Golet was apparently lost in battle with antisubmarine forces north of Honshu.

USS Bonefish (SS-223)

Lost on June 19, 1945 with the loss of 85 men when sunk near SuzuMisaki. Winner of 3 Navy Unit Citations, Bonefish was on her 8th war patrol. After sinking a passenger-cargoman, Bonefish was subjected to a savage depth charge attack. She was the last US submarine lost in World War II.

USS S-27 (SS-132)

Lost on June 19, 1942 when it grounded off Amchitka Island. She was on the surface in poor visibility,charging batteries and drifted into the shoals. When she could not be freed and started listing, the captain got the entire crew to shore (400 yards away) in relays using a 3-man rubber raft. The entire crew was subsequently rescued.

USS O-9 (SS-70)

Lost on Jun 20, 1941 with the loss of 34 men when it foundered off Isle of Shoals, 15 miles from Portsmouth, NH.

USS Runner (SS-275)

Lost between June 26 and July 4th with the loss of 78 men. Runner was on her 3rd war patrol probably due to a mine. Prior to her loss, she reported sinking a freighter and a passenger-cargoman off the Kuriles. This boat's last known ship sunk happened on June 26th, so she probably hit that mine on or after that date but before July 4th, when she was scheduled back at Midway.

U.S. Submarines Lost in the month of July::

USS S-28 (SS-133)

Lost on July 4,1944 with the loss of 50 crew members. She was conducting training exercises off Hawaii with the US Coast Guard Cutter Reliance. After S-28 dove for a practice torpedo approach, Reliance lost contact. No distress signal or explosion was heard. Two days later, an oil slick was found near where S-28. The exact cause of her loss remains a mystery.

USS Robalo (SS-273)

Lost on July 26,1944 with the loss of 84 crew members while on her 3rd war patrol. She struck a mine about 2 miles off the coast of Palawan. Three men survived and swam ashore, then imprisoned by the Japanese. Unfortunately, they were put on a Japanese destroyer and lost when that destroyer was sunk.

USS Grunion (SS-216)

Lost on July 30,1942 with the loss of 70 crew members while on her first war patrol near Kiska Harbor. She radioed that she sank two sub-chasers and damaged a third, but was never heard from again. Her loss remains a mystery.

U.S. Submarines Lost in the month of August::

USS Bullhead (SS-332)

Lost on August 6,1945 with the loss of 84 crew members in the Lombok Strait while on her 3rd war patrol when sunk by a depth charge dropped by a Japanese Army plane.

USS Flier (SS-250)

Lost on August 13,1944, with the loss of 80 crew members while on her 2nd war patrol. Flier was transiting on the surface when she was rocked by a massive explosion (probably a mine) and sank within less than a minute. 13 survivors, some injured, made it into the water and swam to shore. 8 survived and 6 days later friendly natives guided them to a Coast Watcher and they were evacuated by the USS Redfin.

USS S-39 (SS-144)

Lost on August 14,1942 after grounding on a reef south while on her 3rd war patrol. The entire crew was able to get off and rescued by the HMAS Katoomba.

USS Harder (SS-257)

Lost on August 24,1944 with the loss of 84 crew members from a depth charge attack by a minesweeper near Bataan while on her 6thwar patrol. Harder had won a Presidential Unit Citation for her first 5 war patrols and CDR Dealey was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously. Harder is tied for 9th in the number of enemy ships sunk.

USS Cochino (SS-345)

Lost on August 26, 1949 after being jolted by a violent polar gale off Norway caused an electrical fire and battery explosion that generated hydrogen and chlorine gasses. In extremely bad weather, men of Cochino and Tusk (SS-426) fought to save the submarine for 14 hours. After a 2nd battery explosion, Abandon Ship was ordered and Cochino sank. Tusk's crew rescued all of Cochino's men except for one civilian engineer. Six sailors from Tusk were lost during the rescue.

USS Pompano (SS-181)

Lost on August 29, 1943 (between Aug 8 and Sept 27) with the loss of 76 men while on her 7th war patrol. Before being lost, she sank two enemy cargo ships. The exact cause of her loss remains unknown, but she probably fell victim to a mine. This boat's last known ship sunk happened on Sept 25th, so she probably hit that mine on or after that date but before Oct 5th, when she was scheduled back at Midway.